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HEY I figured I'd be like the cool kids and make a Cyber Monday!! Today only in the Lavelle store (…), volumes are only $10 each, OR a free charm with purchase of both! YEAHHH
EUUGHHHH okay, in case anybody's curious- I know the Lavelle site's getting all screwy. For now, I'm moving things over to Smackjeeves! Updates will go up there for a little while until things get back to less ridiculous! SMACKJEEVES HERE. New page will be up tomorrow night.

ALSO, since I don't think I mentioned it here yet! VOLUME 2 is now for sale online!! Check it out!

ALSO: WHAAAT OH MY GOSH thank you so much for the premium membership that I just noticed!! ;u; YOU GUYSSSS

Today is the official launch of the special project that :iconahvia: and I have been working on together: PARACITE KNIGHTS! Please make sure to go check it out! I am super excited, and I hope you enjoy it!
MAN, I feel like kind of the biggest jerk ever! I didn't realize how long I'd been letting people watching me pile up in my inbox, but I just opened it to start thanking people and it's been since MAY. AUGH;; I straight up never ever thought I'd have a problem of having too many people to thank for appreciating my art, so I'm totally blown away oAo It's kind of overwhelming sometimes! Which I guess is why I let it pile up.

ANYWAY, I just wanted to get all mushy and say you dudes are so cool! Thank you for enjoying my comic if you do, or if you're here hoping I draw more TWEWY fanart or something, that's cool too! Sorry I'm such a flake sometimes, but I really appreciate all you dudes making me feel like one of the cool kids! ;3; oh jeez, look at me getting all gushy!… page 243! YEAHH
Oh man, it totally didn't even occur to me until just now to say this here, but this weekend I will be powering my way down to Virginia Beach for Nekocon! I'll be tabling, and I'll have books and will also be doing some hella sketches!

Sooo, am I gonna see any of you guys there? Let me know!
Hey guys, here's the deal. I have a very old cat who has gotten pretty sick, and vet bills are pretty hella expensive. SO, I've decided to do some commissions to help pay them!

I'm gonna have TEN SPOTS open. Pencil commissions are $10. Digital ink commissions are $20. Additional characters or craaaazy backgrounds are generally going to be $5, but we can discuss anything else. I will probably do spot colors on the digital ink ones too! If you want anything more crazy than that let me know and we can figure it out! I will deliver them as high-res digital files!  

I WILL NOT DRAW super adult stuff! I am probably not very good at it and I will embarrass us both! Anything else I will probably give my best shot!

1. BlueSaved
2. ThatDarnKat
3. himeish

4. theyoungdoyler
5. jerzydrozd
6. MessengerBirdsSong

UPDATE: Ok guys, I've been a total jerk about these, I know. I don't want to get all pity-party, but I kind of lost all the drive to work on these and got too bummed out to even look at them because my cat passed away, so that's why it's been taking so long. It's kind of a lame excuse, I know, but I just can't seem to get past that mental block. If you've already paid I'm getting in contact with you, but if you haven't I'm going to have to call it off for now. I'll open commissions some other time when I'm not so burned out, though! I'm sorry again.

Small Press Expo is going to be this weekend in Bethesda, MD! I will be there at table H5 with :iconheykidzcomix: and :icontracywilliams: of :icongoodbyechains: fame! Flanking us on one side is :icondeannaechanique: (of La Macchina Bellica, and on the other is :icongreliz: (of Beyond the Canopy! Basically what I'm saying here is we are the best row! Clearly, H5 is short for HI-5, as in we are like a comics high five! WHAT AM I EVEN SAYING, I DON'T KNOW ANYMORE. ANYWAY, come high five us!

I'll have the Lavelle vol 1 paperback, as well as minicomics of the first three chapters, and some swanky new pins, and possibly some sketchcards if you guys are down with that!

Anybody here going to SPX? Let me know! :D Or for that matter, anybody going to Intervention that same weekend? I'll be lumbering around there on Friday, throwing my money at people! Man, I'm so excited you have no idea! COMICS AHHHH


:iconwinters-in-lavelle: winters-in-lavelle is live!!

AS A HEADS UP: I will only be posting new comic pages in the club from now on! Otherwise it will be redundant and makes my gallery kind of hard to navigate!
Thank you so much, all my lovely new peeps! :heart: !!

I feel like most of you probably came over from :iconhamletmachine:'s picture, but if you didn't, pppplease go take a look! I am basically dying over how unbelievable it is :heart:

Ch-ch-check it out!

So in other exciting news, I just recorded an episode of Art & Story Extreme!! with :iconjerzydrozd:, who is a swell gent! I am a big fan of A&S, so it was a huge blast to get to talk about Lavelle and barf some words about scanlations! You can listen to it Here! (I recommend everybody here who wants to make comics check the show out! It's great!)
7/1 LIVESTREAM!!!… ch-ch-ch-CHECK IT OUT! I will go until I stop!
So I don't have the patience for animation, but I have some crazy awesome friends that do and I think you should watch their films!! (although rofl they all have more followers than me so it's probably not helping them much to do this)

First off is a freshman year film by :iconhayoubi: called Christmas Training… !!

Then, the senior films! :iconjisuk: and :iconahvia: finished these for their senior thesis and did such an awesome job:

:iconjisuk:'s film, Double Down:… !!

:iconahvia:'s film, Phosphoro:… !!  
(PS Lavelle readers: look for some familiar faces! ALSO I helped color this one a little so I can pretend I'm a real animator too)

For serious, I'm so proud of all of you guys ;A; you all did such an amazing job and I want everybody ever to see these :heart:
MoCCA was SO AMAZING, you guys! SO amazing. :iconhamletmachine: and I tabled together, and we rocked the house!

We had a good crowd coming by all weekend. Thanks to anybody on here who came up to say hi! I'm so, so, so flattered that I had people approaching me and telling me how much they have been enjoying Lavelle. Seeing some people who read the comic face-to-face was just astounding, and I can't thank you all enough for it, and I'm so excited for all the new people I met that are coming in here too!

I was flanked by the awesome :iconhiding-daisy:, :iconsaffronscarf:, and :icongreliz: on one side, and :iconbrinstar: and all sorts of other people whose DA's I forget or don't know on the other, and we had such a party!

I'm so glad I got to see some totally awesome people this weekend, whether they were old friends, awesome creators I admire (although those two are pretty often one in the same!), new friends, or NEW totally awesome creators that I can't wait to read work from! I had SUCH a good time that I really can't wait until next year! Thank you so much, everybody! And seriously guys, :iconhamletmachine: is such a rock star! *A* I am so in awe because she knows like, everybody in the world.

I'll try to add some pictures of our booth, but everything I took is on my phone and I forgot my charger ;;; but if someone else has any pictures, let me know! Thanks!
GUYS, guys, MoCCA is less than a week away! If you are going, you should come check out me and :iconhamletmachine: !! We are almost directly to the left of the entrance, at table F2!…

Come say hi and I will do you a sketch!
I really don't get people who get all SUPER UPSET about website pranks on April Fools day. I mean, what's the harm? I think it's really fun when they get out there and do something. Although, I have to admit, I don't know what a Seeker even IS, or who that dude is. Anyone have any idea? Am I too old for this joke?

Anybody see any good prank sites this year? The Google one was cute, and made my coworker really disproportionately flustered because she thought she'd done something to the site. I haven't really seen any others, though!
Okay, totally serious question. Would you or would you not be interested in a Lavelle paperback graphic novel? I'm thinking 160 pages, some original material, $10-12 range. I'm trying to get an idea of numbers to know what my publishing options are.
Hello again! I figure since it's about a month away and I've been in MoCCA-mode for the past couple weeks anyway, it's high time I make a for real-real announcement on here! I will be at the MoCCA Festival (April 10-11) this year, at the 69th Regiment Armory Building (Lexington, between 25th and 26th St) in NYC!!

My partner-in-crime will be the lovely :iconhamletmachine: HamletMachine, and we will ROCK you and MoCCA like a hurricane!!

If you're going to be at the show, please stop by and say hi! I'm gonna try to have pins for my lovely readers if you come meet me, but at the very least I'll definitely have postcards to promote the comic! Orrr maybe some sketches! I don't know, but come by and see us! :D !!

I've got plans to team up with some other rock stars in the future at other cons, but I'm gonna wait until they're totally confirmed first! Either way, LOOK OUT, CONVENTIONS!

(ALSO: I will be livestreaming tonight at 7 PM EST!!… CHECK IT OUT YO)
I swear I'm gonna do a real journal post soon! But for now, I decided to do a Livestream today until I get page 99 inked!…
Hey guys! I've been tooling around with Livestream to see if I like it, and I figured I'd let you know I'm gonna be streaming my inking tonight at 8:30 EST!…

Come and watch all of my bad drawing habits! WHOOPS
Oh man it only took me like six freakin years, but it looks like I'm almost to 10K! I think I should do a kiriban or something, so let me know if one of you crazy kids gets it and I'll do you up a nice picture!

EDIT: CONGRATS, :iconaudelade: for the 10k!!